Himalayan Salt Products

Lamps, Candles, Stones and more... Himalayan salt holds the earth’s secrets and memories of the sea dating back million of years before mankind.  It is a tool of treatment for vitality and spiritual growth which holds the power to assist in harmonization and revitalization.

Himalayan salt, far superior to traditional iodized salt, is millions of years old and pure, untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt.

Known in the Himalayas as “White Gold",  Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. This g form of salt has also been maturing over the past 250 million years under intense tectonic pressure, creating an environment of zero exposure to toxins and impurities.

Himalayan salt’s unique cellular structure allows it to store vibrational energy. Its minerals exist in a colloidal form, meaning that they are tiny enough for our cells to easily absorb.

The health benefits of using natural Himalayan Salt may include:
Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning
Promoting stable pH balance in cells, including the brain
Encouraging excellent blood sugar health
Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging
Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation
Promoting the increased absorption capacities of food elements with the intestinal tract
Aiding vascular health
Supporting healthy respiratory function
Lowering incidence of sinus problems, and promoting over-all sinus health
Reducing muscle cramps
Increasing bone strength
Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns
Creating a healthy libido
In combination with water, it is necessary for blood pressure regulation
Prevents cellulite, when compared to table salt
Reduces chances of developing rheumatism, arthritis and gout, when compared to common chemically-treated salt
Reduces chances of developing kidney and gall bladder stones when compared to common chemically-treated salt.

Himalayan Salt Lamps  :  6-8 lb $34.00     
9-11 lb $43.00       20-30 lb $65.00


Himalayan Salt Slabs
6 inch platter square $30.00
8 inch platter sq and round $38.00
Himalayan Salt Hot Stone set (2 ea) $25.00
Himalayan Salt Cup     Cup single $15.00     Set (4 ea) $48.00

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For ages humans have known about the positive forces of salt and its cleansing and neutralizing effects on our health. These 250 million year-old salt crystal lamps connect aesthetic shapes with health-promoting effects by creating a balance of ions in the air. They lend invigorating freshness, giving the sensation of being by the sea. Their colors create a harmoniously soothing warm environment. Each lamp has a unique form and color. All in all, these are attractive products that actually cleanse the air that we breathe.

Golden Means Apothecary - Bath Salts and Scrubs
In addition to Himalayan Salt products, Bindi is pleased to offer her own custom blended, Golden Means Apothecary Salt scrubs, oils and lotions. Bindi has studied natural healing methods for over 25 years and now promotes, provides and teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. Her concentration is on spreading the world of health and wellness to the global community.  Read more about Bindi...

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