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Sacred Sound & Vibrational Healing, BioMat Therapy, Himalayan Salt ProductsBindi, a sacred sound pioneer of Musique Du Soleil, and Sacred Vibrations, is a transformational life coach and spiritual mediator incorporating in her practice, direct esoteric toning, color/light therapy, subtle and energetic aromatherapy, gem/crystal therapy, lying of stones, hands-on spiritual healing, sacred geometry, sacred drumming.

As a practitioner of multiple healing modalities, she offers energy based assistance to those in the community whom seek healing for improvement of their well-being. She extends her caring consciousness and spiritual/energy practice to humanitarian applications which promote health, harmony and well being.

Clinical data and scientific research provide evidence of healing effects of spiritual practices and energy therapies. The scientific validation of traditional spiritual wisdom and energy healing principles heralds a new era in holistic health care, which must be shared. The spiritual connection is established in consciousness, intention and vibration, which can alter the electromagnetic energy fields of the body. Mainstream medical teaching facilities like Duke University and the University of North Carolina have added programs that link body/mind and spirit to the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Cancer Prevention centers are utilizing sound as a vital part of the healing process for patients with astounding results.

Science tells us that all life is energy in one form or another. Further, this energy is eternally changing and morphing from one shape or form to another. Each 'energy shape' has its own particular pattern of frequencies, or vibrations. When one form experiences a matching frequency in the form of a musical note, the form will begin to vibrate in sympathy with the note in sympathetic resonance. A strong enough vibration can even cause a form to restructure itself, as has been noted with crystal glasses, water crystals and  cancer cells. With the Himalayan bowls,(also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls) every note creates sympathetic resonance with every other note producing harmonic overtones that commence the healing process.

Bindi's holistic approach to healing and counseling features unique blends of healing modalities which are deeply transformational on all levels of being, facilitating spiritual growth and development not only to her clients but the community, bridging the gap for all of humanity. Healing is a process where we are released from an ego centered finite perspective of ourselves in the work and move into our essence where our vibratory energy is connected with the universe. Healing can lead to being cured, but if one is simply cured on a physical level, without sufficient healing, the core issue that caused the condition in the first place is likely to emerge again.

A vital step in the healing process is that of establishing resonance with the conditions in question. Most people resist their condition. You cannot release that which you do not own. Sound is the train that helps us get to the healing. Let us, for a moment, look at the difference between healing and curing: Curing is an end product or finite result. Dictionary definitions define it as "the complete biological resolution of a diseased state" or " the elimination of disease, distress, evil". Healing is a Process and infinite in nature. Some definitions include: "the making or becoming whole, the mending of a breach", "to free from grief , troubles, evil", " restoring to health or soundness"; and my personal favorite by Jeanne Acheerberg "an intuitive perception of the universe and all its inhabitants as being of one fabric."

Healing is a movement from disharmony to harmony, from duality to non-duality or Divine Awareness. The journey of healing then is a spiritual awakening with consequences on our physical well being. As we awaken, our perspective shifts. As our perspective shifts, our vibration shifts. As our vibration shifts, our cellular make up shifts. The shifts can not occur as separate entities- they affect the whole of who we are and extend infinitely.

Private Sessions with Bindi

30 Minute Amethyst Bio-Mat Energy Therapy Session.... $35
Relaxing Meditation on the Restorative Bio-Mat. Simply lying on the Bio-Mat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.
60 Minute Bio-Quantum Energy Therapy.... $75
Treatment includes Age Old Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan Crystals and Stones, the Amethyst Bio-Mat and Selenite Rods.
60 Minute Reiki Treatment w. Amethyst Bio-Mat Therapy.... $125
Reiki Energy Therapy combined with the BioMat technology is the ultimate rejuvenating treatment for the mind, body and spirit.

In addition to sacred sound healing, Bindi also offers Amethyst BioMat therapy, as well as, Himalayan Salt products, such as lamps, candles and stones, plus her custom blended Salt scrubs, oils and lotions Read more about Bindi...

Call Bindi to book your private session or an event at.....239826-7119 or send email.